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TriLink Expands 3D Visualization Nuclear Training Solutions to Slovenia
Virginia Beach, VA – January 23, 2017

Bridgeborn, Inc. announced today that its subsidiary, TriLink Systems, has been awarded a contract to develop 3D interactive visualizations for a two loop PWR in Slovenia. The scope of the effort includes replicating the internal structures and configurations of the reactor building, reactor systems, nuclear fuel rods, fuel pool cooling systems, and portions of the emergency core cooling systems in 3D. Additionally, the visualizations include a focus on the mitigation of the effects of severe nuclear accidents.

As a response to the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, nuclear plants around the world are expanding their training programs to include scenarios that depict severe accidents. As the Fukushima incident progressed, portions of the nuclear fuel attained temperatures sufficient to melt some of the nuclear fuel rods. The melting residue from the uranium fuel rods, called Corium, collected in the bottom head of the reactor vessel and formed a pool where the melted fuel continued to generate decay heat. The Corium failed to cool sufficiently to prevent further melting and a breech in the reactor vessel developed, thus releasing nuclear material into the containment building structures. Another side effect during that accident was the release and buildup of an explosive concentration of hydrogen.

Prior to Fukushima, these types of accidents, were considered so unlikely that specific training exercises were not included in typical nuclear training programs. However, after Fukushima, the nuclear industry decided to address this training deficiency around the world. TriLink’s 3D Visualization software addresses this new requirement by providing a unique solution that allows operators to witness and practice mitigation strategies during these severe accident scenarios.

“TriLink’s solution is unparalleled in the nuclear training industry as a method for observing the complicated set of events, subsequent effects, and practice mitigation strategies all while viewing parameters in a real-time 3D animated computer simulated environment”, commented Hal Paris, CEO of TriLink Systems. “While we hope nuclear operators will never experience the compounding failures that produced the Fukushima accident, operators should be trained and prepared for any eventuality. We are pleased that our solution can assist in avoiding or minimizing similar accidents in the future.”

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