Business Intel Case Study

Every organization, whether commercial, governmental, or military, collects data about itself, its customers and their business. Key to formulating strategies and decision making is the ability to synthesize that data into a form that makes it readily available and easily understandable.

Since 2008, Bridgeborn has worked with the US ARMY Architecture Integration Management Directorate (AIMD) to do just that. AIMD's mission is to integrate operational architectures with ARMY doctrine and to make that data available in usable form for more efficient reporting and analytics. With over 600 operational architectures describing relationships and use cases; referencing equipment, organizations and personnel, from multiple databases, is a daunting task.

Bridgeborn's efforts yielded a reusable framework, the Architecture Visualization and Analysis (AVA) solution, that utilized web services to extract, transform and load architecture data. This process left the data in place, with its original stakeholders, while making it available to any application or purpose. Bridgeborn then transformed the data outputs of these web services into a rich, interactive reporting application; resulting in a more effective and efficient decision making process, saving time, money and resources.