US Army G2

Business Intel Case Study

The US ARMY G2 (Intelligence) needed a solution to make decisions on extensive collections of Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) data. The Client also needed to provide the DoDAF community with a better understanding of complex architectures in terms of broader relevancy to defense planning, operations, and tactics.

In response to this need, Bridgeborn developed a comprehensive Architecture Visualization and Analysis (AVA) solution for a service-leading DoDAF community. Using an extract, transform, load, and visualize (ETL-V™) process, Bridgeborn connected DoDAF data with relevant data extracted from a number of disparate sources. By utilizing a combination of robust XML technologies and lightweight programming in a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment, AVA connects ETL outputs to digital dashboards and presentation media. The result is a solution that allows the client to present DoDAF data to a broader community (non-DoDAF experts) and use that information in a collaborative environment.

Bridgeborn’s AVA provides decision makers with “at-a-glance” visibility into workings of complex service organizations, systems, dependencies, and requirements, as well as “drill down” capabilities to data required for verifying and validating decisions. This capability reduces time needed to understand DoDAF data and will greatly increase leaders’ ability to quickly and accurately make decisions.