Modeling and Data Visualization Case Study

Mature organizations provide continuous improvement environments that promote improved processes, products and services. Bridgeborn pioneered a new approach to such environments for the Air Force through a DARPA funded project by recreating the highly successful 18 day air campaign in Afghanistan known as Operation Anaconda. Bridgeborn identified, collected and processed terabytes of data from disparate data sources and file formats which were assembled into a web-based 3 Dimensional recreation of the campaign.

Bridgeborn's patented 3D interactive software powered a digital dashboard with sliding timeline access to mission reports, media, communications, and key events. A built in 3D environment gave analysts and historians the abiltiy to "play back" all the events over the 18 day period, including aircraft speed, heading, altitude and ordinance deployed. The 3D reconstruction provided unprecedented visibility into operations and dramatically improved the value of a lessons learned solution.