Bridgeborn has provided services and expertise to Federal Civilian Agencies since 2004.


Knowledge Services Case Study

Since it was founded, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has developed innovative solutions to assist a world in need. USAID operates on a global scale with Missions in more than 100 countries, and facilitates projects in virtually every sector, from economic development to health and beyond. As a result, USAID is a recognized leader with a wealth of knowledge relevant to future work in foreign affairs. To an agency with this breadth and depth of reach, its institutional memory needs to be highly developed, with the ability to retrieve and utilize information readily and efficiently from the vast repository at its disposal.

As the prime contractor, Bridgeborn provides professional support services in the transformation of the Knowledge Services Center (KSC) as the foundation for managing, navigating, and sharing its information assets. Bridgeborn provides overall leadership and project management for the Knowledge Service Center (KSC) and Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) in the CIO’s office of USAID. The KSC is a central resource for decision support for senior staff, transition planners, field staff implementing USAID projects and evaluators assessing performance. Bridgeborn also supports new initiatives within the DEC, including development of new web 2.0 enabled systems that help socialize the online content and re-designing web portals for knowledge management. In a recent project that was subsequently assessed at CMMI Level 3, Bridgeborn upgraded and modernized the DEC from a proprietary, in-house software platform to Inmagic Presto, a leading edge commercial product. The new DEC uses web 2.0 tools and technologies such as social media, wikis, blogs, and document tagging, and supports mobile devices.