Business Intel Case Study

The US Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) project was designed as a modernization program to connect a family of systems over a common network. This integration of systems would provide a measurable advantage in complex and challenging environments. However, this concept placed upon subject matter experts the requirement of having deep and sophisticated knowledge of thousands of complex components, systems, and procedures. The sheer volume and density of data associated with this project challenged the Army’s ability to understand the process and verify results.

Bridgeborn provided agile tools that gave system integrators and other subject matter experts the ability to associate data with high fidelity 3D environments depicting integrated operation use cases (IOUCs) for FCS platforms and systems. Information linked to these environments included assessment objectives, design documents, requirements data, and the outputs of OneSAF Testbed simulations. The solution provided a common metaphor through which experts from different domains (soldiers, engineers, managers) could communicate without losing sight of relevant detail from their respective domains. The entire solution was lightweight and delivered over the web to standard personal computers, making it easily accessible.

Bridgeborn’s support of FCS provided the US ARMY and the lead system integrator (LSI) with a clearer understanding of their Integrated Operational Use Cases by dramatically increasing traceability and visibility into and across disparate data sets. Our intuitive, 3D environments reduced time to decision by delivering “at a glance” views of complex information and resulted in higher confidence in their decisions. Additionally, this solution greatly improved enterprise-wide communication across the program’s diverse stakeholders.