Education and Training Case Study

Bridgeborn developed and deployed web-based, interactive 3D content for training on complex processes and procedures for the MH-60 Knighthawk. The solution, using Bridgeborn's patented, interactive 3D platform, Bridgeworks™, was conformant with ADL’s Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and allowed for web-delivery as well as use in LAN or desktop environments. Features and functionality included interactive, 3D animations of critical procedures and fly-throughs of the cockpit to educate trainees on complex arrangements and equipment.

The web-based training solution provided the MH-60S community with best-available interactive, 3D content and an extensible html framework for inclusion of future training material. The solution was web-accessible to support distance learning and was SCORM conformant, allowing for “plug and play” reuse across multiple platforms such as Learning Management Systems and Content Management Systems. With interactive, 3D features in the Bridgeworks™ scene, the training time necessary to educate students on complex procedures and systems was reduced. Additionally, the ability to “train by doing” in 3D scene is both effective and engaging, and has been proven in multiple studies to increase retention rates thereby reducing need for continued, extensive training.